Admission/Refund Policy


FEE/PAYMENT: Registration is not considered complete until all payments are paid in full.

Fee Amount
Registration $30.00 ( non-refundable, one time only)
Late Charge $30.00 (non-refundable, if tuition is not paid within one week of start date of class)


Fees for all courses may be paid by check and/or cash.  Please make all checks payable to “First Academy.”  Please do not mail payment in cash.  A $20.00 fee is charged for any dishonored check or stop payment.  A hold will be placed on the release of all academic records if any dishonored check or stop payment occurs


REFERAL: A student who refers a friend to enroll at Premier Academy might be eligible to receive a Premier Academy (Hacienda Campus) coupon as a reward.  The referee must inform the admissions prior to the registration of the referred student, and the referred student must not have previously attended Premier Academy. Class duration must be at least 10 weeks (group lesson and/or private tutoring). The coupon will then be mailed to the referee.

Premier Academy will charge a $50.00 processing fee for cancellation.  Premier Academy will refund all tuition excluding classes attended and other applicable fees.  After attending the first class, the student has five days to withdraw from enrollment.  The student will receive a refund which deducts the charge of attended classes and all other applicable fees.  No refund is given after the first week of class, except if a student (1) moves further than 30 miles from campus; (2) has any health problems. (Students shall provide proof of moving, a flight ticket, or a note from doctor, etc.)

Class Time Attendance Amount of Tuition Refund
Before course begins 100% − ($30 registration+$50 processing fee) = refund
First week of class Tuition Paid − ($30+$50+cost of class attended) = refund
After First week of class Tuition Paid−($30+$50+cost of class attended) = credit only


No credit/refund shall apply if a student have daily absents from his/her classes during the    session. We only give credit for weekly or monthly absents with notice to admissions in advance.   Credit will be held over for two sessions only and may not be combined with a discount at a later time.  Credit slips must be presented to the Admissions Department   when registering.